Golf Diagnostic Studio Services

Using computer based technologies each golfer begins their experience in the diagnostic studio, where an evaluation will be performed that will isolate any weaknesses or limitations in the golfers game. The 2-D video swing analysis and the 3-D biomechanical evaluation, provided by the only TPI Certified Golf Fitness Specialists and Biomechanists in the Midwest, are essential to the unique experience found with Elite Golf & Fitness.

Benefits of AMM 3D-Golf™

The AMM 3D-Golf™ system measures, analyzes and delivers data that the Titleist Performance Institute and other sports and fitness professionals around the world use to be the top experts at understanding and improving golf motion mechanics.

Professionals also use our motion solutions to create new revenue streams for their business.

AMM 3D-Golf™ provides real-time motion biofeedback, both audio and visual. You can attach audible tones to any motion parameter and your student will hear (and feel) when he/she performs the correct (or incorrect) swing technique. Swing technique changes can be achieved quickly using these biofeedback methods.

“If you don’t have a 3D system you need to get one as soon as you can. 3D is the only way to look at efficiency in the swing, and AMM is the technology leader. In fact, Phil Cheetham of AMM and I co-developed TPI 3D with input from our biomechanics advisory board. The knowledge of motion analysis and biomechanics by AMM makes their solution the best by far for analyzing the entire kinematic sequence and efficiency. It's also the easiest way to get true six-degrees-of-freedom for every body segment.” - Dr. Greg Rose

TPI 3Ddrew

Drew Lethem - Hooters Tour Rookie

Golf Performance Training


The Eagle program is designed for the passionate golfer who desires a training program designed by Elite Golf and Fitness using the systems developed by The Titleist Performance Institute and at one time only available to the PGA Tour Professional. It includes the Professional Physical Screen, a 2-D and a 3-D video analysis of your swing, in addition to, the detailed program design, which can be accessed by your own personal MyTPI web link, and a sample training session with an Elite Golf and Fitness Instructor.

The Eagle Program will take approximately 3 Hours to complete—1 hour for the physical assessment, 1 hour for the 2-D and 3-D swing analysis and 1 hour for the sample training session. This program is available by appointment.



The Birdie Program is designed for the Golf Client who is interested in utilizing the technology of video swing analysis and the research made available by the Titleist Performance Institute’s Dr. Greg Rose to make dramatic improvements in their game. The Birdie Program is designed to locate the golfer’s physical limitations through a battery of highly specific tests originally created by Dr. Rose, for use with the PGA Tour. This proprietary assessment program will focus on areas such as mobility, stability, balance, strength, power, coordination and endurance.

The physical and functional movement analysis is followed by a 2-D video swing analysis. The analysis will capture the participant’s swing from two camera angles, allowing our diagnosticians to identify specific swing faults.

The information gathered in the assessment and swing analysis process, is then used to design your customized, web-based Golf Training Program, which will be introduced in a sample training session with an Elite Golf and Fitness Instructor.

The Birdie Program will take approximately 2 1/2 hours-- 1 hour for the assessment, One-half hour for the Swing Analysis, and 1 hour for the sample training session, scheduled as requested.



The Par Program is designed for the golfer who has already been through one of the initial evaluation programs and is ready to take their game to the next level. It includes a 2D evaluation and the Professional Physical Screen. The Par Program will be done during 2 – 1 hour appointments, scheduled consecutively or as requested.

Appropriate attire is recommended for all services (workout clothes such as shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants, gym shoes, etc.) Please bring a pitching wedge, 5-iron and driver. Golf shoes and glove are optional.


Package  Eagle Birdie Par
Physical  Functional Screen
Web-based  Program  Design
Sample Training Session
2D Swing  Analysis
3D Swing  Analysis



The Elite Golf and Fitness-Tour Tempo Experience

Participants will receive the following:
Tour Tempo Book
Tour Tempo Player
Power Module
TPI Physical Assessment and web-based program design
Ball Launch Monitor Evaluation
Tour Tempo 2D Video Analysis
3-D Kinematic Sequencing Analysis

When you walk away, you will have a complete training program for your swing, tempo and fitness.

Contact us for Individual and Group Rates.


Golf Instruction Packages:

Start-up program
One hour swing analysis & evaluation plus four 30-minute training lessons using the 2-D and 3-D technology
Four 30-minute intensive training lessons
Four 60-minute intensive training lessons
One-hour training lesson
30-minute training lesson

TOMI System Putting Analysis

Our state of the art launch monitor will be utilized to find the equipment that will take your game to the next level.